Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prove you’re a Hardcore Backpacker with these 10 Tips and Tricks

Your friends may think they know all the tricks in the book, but you are sure to impress them with these awesome feats ultimately proving you are indeed a hardcore camper!
  1. Need to start a fire, but everything is wet?  Grab that bag of half eaten potato chips, corn chips, or any other greasy snack food and use it to start your fire.
  2. Looking to lighten the load and save some room, but can sleep without a pillow?  Then instead of taking a pillow, make yourself a pillow by putting your clothing items into a stuff sack for an instant pillow. T-shirts are more comfortable then jeans to lay your head on and smell better then dirty socks & underwear.
  3. Use a pine cone or a handful of sand to scrub the soot and food from your dishes.
  4. You have no Toilet Paper, now what?  Although you can use almost anything, moss or large green leaves can be used to clean yourself up.  Following that with dry moss or some dry leaves to finish things off!
  5. The bugs are eating you alive and are all up in your face, it is time to smoke them out!  Collect some fresh spruce or sage and toss it on the fire, the pungent smell and the smoke should clear the bugs out.
  6. Arrive at your destination dry, place a plastic garbage bag on the inside of your backpack as a waterproof lining and then place your items inside of it.
  7. Rub a bar of soap along the outside of your pans when you’re cooking over an open fire. This way the black soot from the fire will come off without too much effort.
  8. Use plastic grocery bags while hiking or camping. Put a bag over each boot/shoe when you enter your tent, it will keep your tent clean.
  9. Before climbing into that cold sleeping bag, pour some hot water into your canteen and then put the canteen into your sleeping bag.  If you wrap it in a towel, you can use it as a foot warmer!
  10. To keep mosquitoes away rub the inside of an orange peel on face, arms and legs.

                                                      - Backcountry Gear @ Gear&Gadgetry

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  1. As an avid camper, these are some very useful tips, thanks for sharing them! I've also heard of using dryer lint as an effective way to start a fire, so that is something that I have been doing for my past camping trips. It may seem weird to carry around a bag of dryer lint, but my fires couldn't have been better. But always make sure that you have a first aid kit because you never know what can happen to you or someone else. One of the items that you should have in that first aid kit is some dermabond to help treat cuts and scrapes.