Monday, November 21, 2011

Top 3 Hiking/Backpacking Apps for Your Phone

National Geographic
National Park Maps HD
The National Geographic National Park App has been a hit with many people that have provided reviews of the App. Explore 15 of the top US National Parks with the best collection of trail maps available. Use the search menu to find trails, campsites, and peaks; view your location on the map; mark waypoints; and measure distances using the scale bar. Note: This is not a full-featured navigation app. $5; National Geographic
National park enthusiasts who want easy-to-access information and detailed trail maps from 15 parks across the country—for half the price of a paper topo
iPhone &
PeakFinder is for mountain climbers, hikers, and people who just crave information about the world around them. This augmented-reality app uses the GPS in your smartphone to generate a simple sketch of the horizon, which updates in real-time as you pan around your location. The names of prominent peaks are shown at the top of the screen with leader lines that extend to their respective summits. Tap on a specific peak name to bring up its elevation—and to get a sneak peek of its 360-degree summit view. $2; Peak Finder
Peakbaggers who want to identify and get basic info about surrounding highpoints on or off the trail; anyone who is curious about the landscape around them
GPS Trails
iPhone &
Probably one of the best apps out there, Backpacker Magazine's GPS Trails App Version 5.0 is a hit. Includes easier mapping, access to 5,000-editor approved hikes, and convenient content bundles of BACKPACKER’s favorite trips in select national parks and cities. Nav fiends will love faster maps powered by MyTopo and Microsoft Bing Maps for topo, street, terrain, and aerial imagery. $4 (lite version is free);
Hikers who want a simple yet powerful GPS app to record multimedia adventures, share trips with friends, and find expert trail content to download and follow

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  1. Aside from my waterproof shoes, that phone there is one essential trekking gear I can't climb without. Big boost to anybody out for the big adventure. Yihaa!